Changing Child Support

A child’s needs change as he or she ages, which also means that the amount and type of child support should also change with the circumstances. In addition, you can request a review of a child support once every three years, even without a change in circumstances.

changing child supportChanging Child Support to Meet Changing Conditions

The modification of child support is among the most common legal actions. Why? Because families’ and children’s circumstances are always changing, and therefore the law must allow for frequent adjustments, particularly to spousal support and child support.

Our law firm can help you petition the family law court for a modification in your support order. We have handled hundreds of modification cases involving almost all possible scenarios. We also assist clients in efforts to enforce existing child support orders.

Child Support Modification: What Constitutes a Significant Change?

Either party to a child support order can ask the court to modify that order upward or downward. However, the court will not order a change in the amount of child support unless there is proof of a significant change in income or life circumstances.

  • Has the support-paying parent lost a job or had hours or wages cut? Did he or she receive a significant raise?
  • Has the support-receiving parent become aware that the paying parent had previously lied to the court and hidden assets or income?
  • Did a support-paying parent have another child for whom he or she must also provide support?
  • Did child custody arrangements change so that one parent now has far more custodial time with the child than the other? This will typically result in higher support payments from the other parent.
  • Have the needs of the child changed substantially — he no longer needs day care, she suffers from a serious illness requiring costly in-home care from a nursing service?
  • Does a child with a disability require special educational services at an additional cost?

Each of these situations could result in an increased or decreased child custody award. A Pennsylvania support modification lawyer at our firm can prepare your petition and prepare your case for court.

Some parents experience problems with nonpayment of support by the other parent. Whether you need help with a child support modification or a contempt hearing for child support enforcement, our attorneys stand ready to be strong advocates for you.