PFA Accused

Legal Help When You Are Accused of Abuse

pfa accusedFamily violence allegations can be partially and even wholly untrue. When you face false accusations, we can provide experienced help. In addition to family law, we have experience in criminal defense law.  We can provide aggressive and experienced legal representation to contest abuse and family violence charges. If a P.F.A. order is in effect, you can be arrested and jailed by the police if your accuser claims that you in any way contacted her/him.  A P.F.A. order can negatively affect your rights regarding custody, the right to possess certain firearms, property division and more.  Your name will also be entered on the statewide P.F.A. registry.

Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania, the PFA system is often used to gain leverage in family disputes, such as divorce or custody actions.  Because of this, many people are wrongfully accused of domestic abuse, and PFA’s are filed against them with the wrong intentions.   A PFA is designed to be a shield from abuse, but too often it is used as a sword.

If a pfa petition is filed against you do not ignore it.  Even if you agree to leave your partner you cannot let a pfa order be entered against you.  There are alternatives.  We can help you retrieve your personal property and set other conditions that are favorable to you.

For effective legal help in defending a PFA or accused of family violence charges contact our office for a no-charge discussion of your case and concerns.

We will aggressively defend you against false accusations.